Fundamentally Broken
Fundamentally broken

A monthly-ish discussion where Seth and Tim use evolving methodologies — often with the Apple ecosystem — to balance the ever-changing demands of work and family life. A potentially futile effort. It's a sickness. Or a cure. Or something…

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    No Input

    Seth and Tim talk about taking time off.

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    When in Doubt, Machete

    Seth and Tim talk about their struggles with feeling overwhelmed and burned out.

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    Good Enough for Most Things

    Seth and Tim talk about why they got some new things and how it's making their lives better.

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    This Phone Feels Heavy

    Seth and Tim talk about minimizing apps and services, along with what they want to see at WWDC.

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    Yearly Themes

    Seth and Tim discuss their yearly themes.

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    Great Little Multitool

    Seth and Tim cover a smörgåsbord of topics in this special holiday episode!

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    Pickles and Dark Modes

    Seth and Tim talk about their new phones, pickles, dark modes, and how they keep things managed when something goes catastrophically wrong.

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    Garbage Island

    Seth and Tim discuss some new stuff at home, and revisit being social online.

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